Mouse over sensor something missing

I’m trying to use the mouse over sensor to move objects with a leftclick. When i leftclick an object i start an action, so i’m using the mouse over sensor too. But i think there’s something i’m missing with this mouse over sensor because it’s driving me crazy: sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. For example now if i put an object near the floor of my scene the mouse over works (though not always) , if i move it a little to the right it does never work and so on if i move the object up and down: sometimes it works, sometimes doesn’t. i think there’s something i need to do for this mouse over to work always.
Do i need to use a Ray sensor for the camera or something ?? Now i’m just linking the camera to an always sensor and linking it to the object i want to click with the left button and the mouse over, there’s something else that must be done for the mouse over to work?

for mouseover sensors you need:
collision faces on the object
object not armature deformed [well, it would get confusing, the collision part I believe stays put]
object not to be obscured

also, if you are using an “and” controller to combine the two inputs, make sure you turn both the true and false pulse modes on for your mouse over sensor

Couldn’t solve the mouse over problem, can’t make it always work, now i’m using invisible planes and boxes to “catch” the clicks, but even this way i can’t make it work, i need to start an action with one (not more than one) click.

The invisible plane works well but only when it is at one side of the object i want to click (from a camera point of view) if i put it in front of the object it doesn’t work.
Don’t know how to deal with this.

i seems there are some Problems with the Culling and scaled Cameras. Is your Camera scaled or has a scaled Parent? I don’t know if this can solve your Problem, just an Idea.

Does someone noticed, that MouseOvers does not work with Ortho Cams? I can’t get them to work if using such a Cam.

they do not work with ortho cameras

I hope this is a known Bug. Ortho Cams for Menues an such Things … great! But without Mouseover? … Useless!

I’m using exactly this camera: 3D_Walkthrough.131.0.html
Now i’m thinking that it has a scaled parent: the viewer, which i use to walk through the scene, so it’s parented to an Empty, is this the case ???
so i can’t use the mouse over in this walkhrough???

Try to reset all Objects Size which are connected to the Camera (Alt+S), and see what happens. I don’t know, but i hope this helps.

:frowning: didn’t work :frowning:
Now i’m trying to use invisible planes to catch the clicks, the mouse over seems to work better in planes, but still can’t show this to my client because i don’t know if it will work during the demo.
If i use a box instead of a plane it does not work
If i put the plane very close to the object doesn’t work
if i put the plane in front of the object (from the camera point of view) it doesn’t work
If i put the plane at a side of the object it always works but this i can’t use because i need to click the object, not at one side of it
if i put the plane higher than the object only works when i click the part of the plane which is not between the camera and the object, so it’s clear that i’m not clicking the object, and so on… nothing works :frowning:
Any ideas of what could i do to make it work? maybe a Ray (also tryed but doesn’t work) maybe a Message sensor (i don’t know how does it work) or the Radar or …

I did some Tetings, but without a Fail. I give You my new E-Mail per PM. If You want, you can send me the File and i can have a closer Look on it.

:smiley: Ok nothing was missing about the Mouse Over, it was a bug involving the AddObjectActuator, scaled Emptys, Collisions and the Mouse Over
Thanks Doc Holiday

bug reported here