Mouse over Sensor - Weird Parent behaviour


I ran into a weird problem.

When adding two Spheres (A and B) to a scene and using a mouse over sensor, everything works fine.


(Start the Scene with Strg+P and have a look at the console output)

BUT: :frowning:

When I make Sphere A (in my case the big one) parent of Sphere B (the small one) it uses the bounding sphere of Sphere A for mouse over detection for Sphere B. Size is not important! You may also make Sphere A smaller than Sphere B!


And now the weird thing!!!: :confused:

When I make Sphere B (small) parent of Sphere A (big) it uses the correct bounding spheres of both Spheres!


–> Why is it working in the last case but not in the earlier one???

I am grateful for some ideas!!!

Thanks a lot,


You haven’t applied your scaling and rotation (you do this by selecting an object and pressing Ctrl + A, which I think is Strg + A for you).

You must unparent the smaller sphere from the larger one. Do this by pressing Alt + P and selecting “clear parent”. Now select each object and press Ctrl + A to apply scale and rotation. This is necessary for every object that uses physics. It allows the physics engine to properly calculate the bounds.

The child sphere was showing such strange results because its bounds were being scaled by the scale factor of the parent sphere. The parent sphere had a scale factor of 3 which had not been applied (you can see this by pressing “N” over the 3D viewport window and looking at the text fields labled “Scale”). So the child sphere’s bounds were being multiplied by a factor of 3.

Thank you very much, blendenzo!!!

It’s working, now :smiley: :yes: :smiley: