Mouse Over Sensor with Add Actuator ?

Hi all,
I have an object that is added to the scene with an Add Object Actuator. My problem is that in Blender 2.40 (alpha and yesterday’s release) when the object is added to the scene the Mouse Over Sensor attached to it no longer works. However, the Mouse Down Sensors still function correctly. All the sensors wokred fine in 2.36. I was wondering if any gurus out there may have ideas on what I could be doing wrong, or if this is a known bug ?

thanks !

Does the mouse over sensor work in conjunction with any other actuators? I know that the mouse over didnt work in 2.37; did no one get around to fixing it yet?

Yes, the mouse over sensor works in general. It seems most of the mouse over bugs of 2.37 have been fixed, but I’m not sure if this is a bug. The sensor stops working when the Add Actuator adds the object to the current scene at runtime.