Mouse Over Sensors

Hello, as shown in the picture , I once a Mouse " Left Button " sensor and a " mouseover " sensor , and my goal would be to execute my script , and also changes the text . But he does not. If I do not open the game about Blender , and then pull my mouse on the cube , then jumps he already leads the script . So go to windowed mode .
Because I want him the script executes when the mouse on the cube is first , and if you click there with Left -click on it

Im a little confused on what you want to do. Are you saying that you want to make it so that these buttons actually do what they say? or do you just want to change the text.

import bge
from bge import render

act = cont.actuators["Property"]
own = cont.owner
text = own["Text"]

if text == "OFF"
    text == "ON"
elif text == "ON"
    text == "OFF"

i cant test it right now so let me know if it doesnt work as planned