mouse pointer display problem

I am very much new to blender and GE. When i press P and enter the game mode, the mouse pointer fades off, i cannot click any button. When i press Esc and come out of game mode, it displays again. Please help.

By default, the system mouse pointer is hidden at runtime. You can cause it to display using a short line of code:

import Rasterizer


“showMouse()” takes a value of 1 to show the mouse, a value of 0 to hide it. Like I said, default is 0.

You can also create custom cursors to use in your game. I recently wrote a tutorial on the subject. It can be found here:

The tutorial may look a little confusing to you at first, but you can download the demo file and see how it works. Also, if you read through the tutorial and complete it successfully, you will also learn how to use the code I gave you above (if you don’t know that already).

Hope that helps.

import Rasterizer

type that in the text editor screen…
im also new to blender… hope it helps…

and BlendEnzo is the winner with 5 minutes faster :wink: :wink:

Thanx for the help.