Mouse Pointer Visibility

I am a (very) new boy at this game! (although an old boy in years). My question is: " Is there a way to make the mouse pointer (in the 3D window, say) more visible by either changing its colour or brightness". At present I have trouble seeing the pointer against the dark grey background (Version 2.47). Any clues or help to overcome this problem would be gratefully appreciated.


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I don’t believe there is any way to change the cursor, but you can change the color of the grey background.

To do this, pull down the top header to show the User Preferences window. Go to the “Themes” tab. Hit “Add”. This will make a copy of the “Default” theme. Under the first drop down menu, select "3D View. Under the second menu select “Background”. Change the color to something that is good for your eyes. If you like the color and want to keep it, you will have to hit CTRL+UKEY which will save your defaults. But watch out, when you hit CTRL+UKEY, everything you see, will show up the same when you open up blender, so push the user preffs window back up before hitting CTRL+UKEY.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing and I hope it helps.

Here’s another thread with that same question. I believe it is the thread I followed when I changed my cursor for XP because it was hard to see.
I made my own with a freeware program. Very easy to see now.

Many thanks for your help - never thought of that! Its amazing how obvious a solution is when a lateral thinker gets involved! For your info I have chaged the background to a much lighter shade of Grey - and now I see a very clear “cross-hair” on my screen. Once again Thanks - Take care.

Wow so glad I read this thread, I just chalked up the cursor thinf as a “Feature” and worked around it. Thanks again.