Mouse - Portrait


Inspired by avemagnadude1’s bust of Rey, I tried to come up with an interpretation of another Samuel Youn character. In the end my version kind of diverged a bit from the original but I’m nevertheless quite happy since it’s my first time creating a whole bust with textures etc.
I hope you like it! Let me know what you think :eyebrowlift2:

New version (color corrected and slight change of expression)

Old version


That’s great !

I really like it! But I feel like her pose is just a bit too straight. I also would have closed her eyelids a bit more and made her pupils bigger so that she looks more disinterested/neutral. And maybe made the skintone less yellow … though that’s not so big a deal :wink:
But still thumbs up! Great work :smiley:

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

@ Julien Kaspar: Yes, I totally agree with you and I might try to change the eyelid part. However, the yellowish tone of the image is most probably caused by your browser (I suppose you’re using Chrome?). I use Chrome myself but when I double checked with Safari I noticed a yellow-shift in Chrome which is quite annoying. I could try to correct the image in Photoshop just to make it look good on Chrome but then it would look weird in other browsers. The whole colour correction thing on Chrome is apparently a known problem/bug since a long time but hasn’t been fixed yet… If anyone has any advice on this, I’m all ears!

Yeah you are right! I have that problem with different monitors for work and at home. Each show colors a bit differently :smiley:
Thats why I always color my work on the same monitor. Didn’t have that problem with different browsers though :confused:

Following your suggestions, I tried to change here expression so she looks a bit more defiant now, I hope that makes it more interesting. I also color corrected the image because even the “correct” version was too yellow. Now the difference between Chrome and Safari are very subtle :). I guess the different behaviour is only visible for certain colour spectrums.

Better! The difference is subtle but enough to make a difference :slight_smile: Well done!

Cheers! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Really nice. It would be awesome if you had the whole character done.

Agreed. Is adding arms and the lower torso that much extra work?

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:
I didn’t add arms and lower torso because I wanted to focus on recreating the concept (which was only the bust) in 3D. Another reason for not adding more was simply my laziness, I guess. I kind of got fed up with the project and modelling the rest of the body even without concept would have taken me quite a bit of time.

Creating a whole character from head to toe is on my bucket list though!

Please do, it’d be stunning I’m sure. Looking at the post above I keep seeing her arms angled back and her hands jammed into the back pockets of her jeans, all part of the total nonchalance-with-attitude she projects.

Very nice. I like her expression, a bit like a Gorillaz stylo.

I was thinking the same when I saw a early WIP of the Sculpt, now it’s a little beyond the Gorillaz feel. Great work overall, but if you ever feel bored add some nice female arms with some fat working gloves and a little grease!

Can’t wait for your next artwork! :cool:

Thank you very much for your nice comments!
It kind of sounds like I should add the arms but I’m really fed up with the project :stuck_out_tongue:

super awesome…

Everything is really done really nice, this was cycles render?

awsome love they style!

The new version looks way too yellow on my hardware colour calibrated system. The old version includes an sRGB profile, while the new image does not.

Do you work on a colour calibrated screen?

xlxs: Thank you very much! Yes it was rendered in cycles.

Herbert123: Okay, that sounds weird. Does it look worse than the old one? And which browser are you using because I heard that Chrome treats all images as if they were in sRGB? However you’re right that I should have included the sRGB profile.
Regarding my screen: I’m not sure if it’s calibrated. It’s a standard MacBook Pro screen which I hope would be somehow correct :stuck_out_tongue: