Mouse questions

Hey, is it possible to move a armature bone, with the mouse.
Lets say i move the mouse left and right, the bone will rotate left and right. I have scraped using the joypad for games atm, so im
going the mouse/keyboard route.

I`m trying to create a aiming system similar to hitman, resident evil, gta.
3person camera, i can make the bones move with propertys but its quite

Any help would be great.

Yes! use the bone contraint: copy transforms, put in the value “target” a object, and in this object put a script for move with the mouse, later, activate the contraint with the logic brick armature. Sorry english :smiley:

PD: the object when you use in the contraint, put the edges in the same rotation of the bone, and keep the value 1.000 and all edges of scale(all this on the target object).

I have done that now, thank you. Now how would i move it in bge, i need a mouse script :slight_smile:

i had a saved … Let me look and I’ll pass, sorry english.

Its here:
The blend is my, but the script, i not remember where I found it. Sorry english :smiley:

You can configure the script for make the camera rotate, and not move.

Youre english is good. Thanks for this, its not what i am looking for.
I will try to post a video of what i`m doing>

Yeah i`m trying to make it rotate.

Check this out Maserati ,

The Torque FPS can be used as a armature target,

Note, you can have the torso and feet 2 separate meshes,

So you can animate the feet with actions, and the torso with Rigid bodies, or armatures running

like (wrectifiedZeta)


MousePhysicsDemo (Throw).blend (643 KB)WrectifiedCurrentZeta(notextures).blend (2.1 MB)TorqueFPS.blend (2.97 MB)

and this may help alot


TorqueMouse.blend (475 KB)

If i send you a file bpr can you have a look.

Sure, shoot…


Just sent you PM!
The plane on his spine is linked to the camera, so when camera moves the plane follows.
A spine bone is targeted to the plane, everything will be perfect if i can limit the rotation bro.
btw, you`re wrecktified is looking brill man.

I remember you mentioned having controller pad problems before(x box if i not wrong). I have this problem too with play station controller pad. It used to work in 2.65, but recently it doesn’t work on any blender version. I bet you are using Windows right? I suspect the culprit could be the windows updates.

To solve this, i bought a new and cheap controller pad which works perfectly.

Life with a controller pad playing your own game in front of a big tv is …well you know!:smiley: