Mouse Rotation Script Problem

I have a view system here that runs perfectly in a small window but occasionally glitches in full screen mode.

The python script uses the mouse location as a basis for rotating the view, though because of screen edge bugs the mouse must travel across the screen twice to do a full 360 view rotation. I don’t expect you to try and understand that without looking at the blend, which has more information and detailed notes for the script.

I appreciate any hep on this!


Hi, Stu. I have tried your blend file. The problem you are discribing (if I understand it good) occurs only if you run game in Blender. I tried to export it to executable (Save Runtime command) and it worked properly in both window and fullscreen mode.
The thing, that you must run twice over screen to get 360 rotation occurs only if you run game in Blender. In executable version you got only 90 degree rotation.
You must change your script to get 360 degree rotation. Always test your games in executable version ;).

Um, I saved it to an executable and it was exactly the same as when I ran it in the .blend file. Besides, I’m not planning on making any exe files, I like to release any work I make in blend format (makes mac and linux and ubuntu users happy).

But thanks for looking at it, I appreciate it!