Mouse Script

I need a python script to make the camera rotate when you move the mouse. Don’t tell me to search here after a script because i have done it many times but havent find anything that works.
So i you have any good links to a tutorial please give it to me.

Do a search, found in about 30 seconds-
The mouse script works fine with bullet, i’ve tested it, unless you want something extremely specific, but you should be able to modify it, for example in my mini golf game demo.

hmmm… You said you searched :stuck_out_tongue: Try this link here :
(I made some pretty neat .blend files there I bet u’ll like ^_^)

And downlaod the one that called “BLENDER TARRAIN !”
I added Doc Holiday’s Camera example in that one.

if you cant find that .blend that I posted here is the direct link to the downlaod :…

You can learn how the camera was made in that .blend file :wink:
enjoy and remember if you use any models ect… make sure to give credits to me and Doc Holiday :stuck_out_tongue:
(Well if you want that is lol)


hey thx for the quick replies! I haven’t checked all the links but im shure they are good. And i will give credits to everyone that helped me :smiley:

I made one too

scabootssca i think your mouse script was good (it was the only one that was working for me) exxept i couldn’t look upp or down or to the left and right. I could only rotate the camer around (if you know what i mean) how do i fix that? I have copyed everything but it still dosn’t work :frowning:

huh? explain more please.

hmmm… if you are looking from the front view then you have the X-axix horisontal and the Z-axix vertical and the Y ehh in the middle, the i add a camera in front view and add all the scripts and logic bricks. Then when i move the mouse to the left or right the camera rotates around the Y-axix and when i’m moving the mouse upp and down nothing happens.

the blend file worked for me

I dont think you can just add a new camera and add everything to it. If you look carefully at the original setup you will probably see two empties one that controls horizontal movement and another for the vertical.

The blend file work for me too, but i want to know how to do it so i tried to copy it to another file, but it dosn’t work. And the thing i explained was jus to make him understand how the camera was rotating.

ok on the logic bricks all the bricks are on the camera except the RotX one that is on te base

and on my setup the little empty behind the camera is not neccacary you can delete that and parent the camera directly to the base

if the RotX and RotY actuators are both on the camera it rotates weird and turns sideways and other stuff and is really hard to stay upright