Mouse *Squeak*

Went for some realism trying to model my mouse, looks nothing like it but I can live with that.:cool:

Lots of tweaks to do… but they’ll never happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa! The top half vanished! you might want to turn down your spec, add a little AO

it’s not the spec there’s just too much light concetrated there

try moving the light much further away. and if that make this side of the mouse too dark, just put a fill light in on this side.

what we can see of the model looks great though.

overall there are 4 lights and they’re manin’t pointing towards the back end. I’ll update it with some more views in a few minutes

Uh oh…a few minutes to AquaticPenguin has turned into over 3 months.

Ooopes… went into hibernation… I’m rendering now.


MUCH BETTER!good modelling!:wink:

That’s pretty nice- especially with the lighting fixed. I only see one problem with the mesh right above the scroll wheel.

The mesh is like that because I put an edge creases there - makes it look bad

Very nice! maybe you could show some wireframes?
Possible mesh errors can be better seen in a wire
and the people can help you more.