Mouse Strafing

Mouse Strafing

Strafe in Blender’s 3D View using the mouse, while holding down a key. Useful for navigating large scenes faster.

What does it look like?

Addon preferences:


For the tech-savvy

  1. Clone this git repository.
  2. Run package.bat, which bundles the project in
  3. In Blender, unbind animation playback from the spacebar.
  4. Install from the Blender Addons preferences page.

For everyone else

  1. In Blender, unbind animation playback from the spacebar.
  2. Download and install it from the Blender Addons preferences page.

But I don’t want to change what I have on the spacebar

Not a problem. You can change the binding in the preferences if you feel you have found a more suitable configuration for your workflow.



In the 3D View, press and hold the spacebar. A cross will appear in the center of the screen. Click and hold the left, right or middle mouse button to enable mouse strafing. Additionally, hold the left and right mouse button together for a 4th movement option. Then use the mouse to strafe or turn. Which buttons do what can be configured in the addon preferences.

Relocate Pivot

While holding the spacebar, press C to relocate the 3D View’s pivot point to the surface which you are looking at.


Just as with the Fly Operator, you can use WASD to move and strafe with the keyboard.

Speed adjustment

Hold the Shift key to go 5 times faster. Hold the Ctrl or Alt key to 5 times slower. For turning, only going slower with Ctrl or Alt will be respected.


Some people have inquired whether this addon was inspired by a certain level editor which was quite relevant during the 2010s. The answer is yes.

Also thanks to testure and kaio over at Blender Devtalk for being resilient in answering all my Blender addon development questions.

Great addont. Thanks

When i try to install this message comes:

I just installed in 2.83 and it’s working fine for me. Albeit the first time I ran it, the strafing was really, really slow. I then tried it again and everything was OK. I would love a modifier key that would allow camera rotation as well.

Still, nice little addon and well put together. Thank you!

Yeah I found out as well the addon does not work on Linux. No idea why though. I will admit though I was not able to understand Python’s module system at all, so I probably did something wrong when setting up the project.

Thanks for checking it out. Strafing speed is tied to framerate a bit iirc, so that might have to do with it.

About camera rotation: By default Space + Left mouse allows to pan. Do you mean something different?

Yes, my apologies for my poor description. What I’m referring to is the ability to roll the camera. It seems that with the 2.8 release, the view3d.view_roll has been removed. I can add it in the keymaps but it’s a very kludgy solution