Mouse Tail Physics

I’ve been working on a mouse for a game I’m making, and I want the tail to act kind of like a rope.
For example, I’d like it to trail over the side if he walks along the edge.
Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

Hello Anyone?

hmmmm… You mean ridgid body physics with armatures?.. Not possible at the moment but you can fake it, I just don’t remember how…

As James said, it isn’t posible yet to give physical behaviour to the armatures, you will have to either bake them (don’t know if it’s even possible), fake them with actions (the way to go), or using short pieces of tail then aply them thr “rigid body constraint” (not recomended, it doesn’t look that well and it doesn’t work that well either).

I started to work on faking it with actions, but I’m not sure how to get it to activate and deactivate when the mouse is on or off the table.
Edit: Never mind.

I found a “tutorial” on youtube. I tried to do it but can’t figure it out. Would it even work? Please Help!
I didn’t post a link because I don’t know if I’m allowed to, I heard something about having to have posted a certain amount of posts.
Edit: Oops I guess I did post a link! :smiley:

The “Copy Rotation” and “Copy Location” constraints don’t work in the game engine. They work for physics simulations, but not in realtime. So you won’t be able to get that YouTube tutorial to work in a game.

Well, could I parent the armature to the ragdoll another way?

nope…what about hooks blendenzo? that might be worth looking at, if they work in game

edit: nope

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to fake it somehow.
Either that or wait until blender does have rigid body armatures. :smiley: