Mouse Trap (teaser for work in progress)

I’ve been working on this for a while now, completed enough shots to fill a teaser :wink: My personal aim is to try to tell a ‘longer’ story (the storyboard has 1 intro, 1 ‘break-out’ scene, 2 main action scenes, and an end.

I’m looking forward to feedback regarding anything; story, cameras, animation, lighting, just shoot :slight_smile:

This is the teaser:

And here are two other sequences in one clip, the ‘intro’ and the ‘break-out’ scenes;

Looks really great!

I want to know the whole story :wink:

Thanks! It will take me some time to do the whole film, the scenariostoryboard is quite filled with actions and effects.

And the cat has to do some more acting classes.

plays rimshot

really cool project… looking forward to see the whole animation!