Mouse wheel doesn't drag and tumble anymore :(

I noticed recently that view adjustment I could do with the mouse previously I can no longer do.

For example, I used to be able to use the mouse wheel to tumble the view, and shift+mouse wheel to drag.

Now for some reason I can’t do this anymore.

After some testing, it appears to be a Blender thing and not my mouse. At first I thought the mouse wheel was broken, but I tried my dads mouse which is the same mouse just a little bit newer.

Does anyone know if this ability was removed from Blender 2.44?

I think it could still be my mouse maybe…

It still zooms thankfully. :smiley:

I dont think it was removed…(becuase i can still do it). Did you change any of your mouse setting recently? And this may seem out of the blue but do you happen to have a dell…(don’t ask)

reset to 'factory default" settings via File menu. This should clear any custom mouse setting.