Mouse wheel speed

I have got into a situation where my mouse wheel scroll behavior (zoom in/out) works fine when in a camera view, but is ultra slow in a non-camera view. In fact, it seems to get exponentially slower as I get close to my object. What is causing this and is it configurable?

Thanks much.

Have you hit numpad-period lately? It will recenter the ‘dolly rotate axis’ thing on the median of whatever you have selected, fit the selection to the screen, and set it up so that your zoom range is effective around that context. It’s my favorite hotkey, have it on a mouse thumb button.

I am experiencing the same issue. Is this a setting I accidently activated? It looks like I can only zoom up to a certain point.

I think that is how it is supposed to work. If you place the 3D cursor past the position of the nearest object, it will zoom to that position.