Mouse wireframe render

I haven’t done any modelling in a really long time, so I did this whilst at work yesterday. Please comment, I’ll really appreciate.

That is pretty good! Pretty simple and clear!

Thanx schwaberry

Nice picture and model good work vinjeru

Thanks @jonathandone. I wanna texture it now but I’m very bad at materials and textures

Nice work, well done!

indeed, very nice, simple and clean

Thanx everyone. This is really encouraging

the mouse wheel looks a little small . try color to wheel also.

looks great! scroll wheel is a little small

Very nice, I think it makes a really clean desktop picture :slight_smile: The wheel could be bigger, but overall the modeling is very clean. As for materials, I would maybe check into the Cycles threads and see what can be done with the model there - it would make a simple scene to test new materials in.