So… I got bored and decided to have a go at a mouse this will help me with a little more organic modeling and hair in blender :slight_smile: … here’s what i’ve got so far. Comments/Suggestions are welcome and appreciated
P.S. So, I think I definitely need to touch up on the ears some, do you guys think that the mouse body looking at the head looks awkward? Thanks :smiley:

Edit: Will add the .blend after everything is done ! :smiley:

Small amount of progress here, I have put an armature together (Haven’t done all the weighting yet) Unwrapped the mouse, now I want to work with some hair, but I need to find a tutorial on it because I have no idea how :stuck_out_tongue: but I am working towards it.thanks in advance for any and all comments ! :smiley:

Nice work :slight_smile: looks a little like something I almost did for the Nature Academy contest, only I didn’t finish mine in time. :frowning:

Haha thank you :slight_smile: sorry to hear that you didnt finish yours in time, luckily mines just for personal experience so I have no time limits :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the comment

So… I quickly just checked out the hair particle system, just used a plain, now I have to figure out how to get the look of everything… im sure I’ll figure it out ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Until I figure it out… here’s mu chia-pet