Mousel Look Script Prob for 3rd Person

Good Day,
I’ve got the tutorial from here :

and the code is here:

Now it works fine but i Noticed that the camera rotates until my main Character cannot be seen… OMG.this is for first person.:mad:

I want to move mouselook as Up/Down. Left/Right where you can only see your character… :frowning: as a 3rd person…

please check my problem… Thx

create an empty and put it in your character.
parent the empty to your character.
place your camera behind your player, like in a third person view.
parent your camera to the empty.
put the left/right actuator on the character.
put the up/down actuator on the empty.
link it all to the mouse look script.

There’s an error about the bge module… on the code…
I think its for GameLogic…

Can you make me a simple demo on 2.49 b? a simple one… about your cam view… that’s the 3rd person view i wanted…:begging:

so you want to use the first-person mouselook script for a 3rd person view? thats easy to do. it’s nearly the same as a first person view, only that you have the camera a bit higher and behind the player object. be sure to have the UpDown logic on the camera and the left-right logic on the player. in addition you could set the clip-start camera limit a bit higher than it is by default to be able to see your character even if he is standing in front of a wall or other object.
and try a vertical cap amount the fits best for your game.

EDIT: added example .blend fileMouseLook-TPS.blend (249 KB)

Wow… that’s awesome… Thanks for the file… gotta study this… but what’s Cap for? and cap is an abreviation for what?

I’m havn the same prob I need this kind of 3rd person camera mouse controls for my project…

I set it up but don’t understand what i’ma doing wrong, I hit p and move the mouse, nata happening :frowning:
heres capture