mouselook and spec=effects

how to make, that i would see my mouse in-game? plese fully explain,. for me does not work it.

and if you by accident know where i could learn special-effects in blender game engine, please post here the website. thanks

to see your mouse in game you need to make a new text file and type this:

#import the rasterizer module
import Rasterizer as r
#tell the module to display the cursor

and that all.Trigger this script on the first frame of the game using the “always” sensor with the pulse mode turned off.

i know that. saw in google. but it doesnt work enough. my mouse is, but my mouse is allways on midle fo screen. i need that my mouse would go whorewer my real mouse moves, it means - mouse ingame would follow my real mouse. that is the main problem

this time try moving the mouse

And if this is not what you need try searching for Custom Cursor on this forum


showMouse1.blend (129 KB)