MouseLook Logic Brick Bugged

I just tested out a recent build of Blender, and while the MouseLook logic brick works fine for one object, it bugs out for two (operating on a camera using only the X axis for looking up and down, and operating on the parent body for just rotating around the Z axis to point in a direction for movement). Could someone confirm the bug?

Hi Solarlune,
Could you upload a .blend to test?

Okay. As you can see, the cube “bugs out” with its mouse look if another object also has a mouse-look actuator and/or is parented…? Kinda hard to track it down.

Mouselookbugged.blend (465 KB)

As a side-note, it would be greatly appreciated if people could use the Buildbot builds to help test new features and find bugs. I’m sure it’s not fun for the developers to deal with bugs months after committing.

Yes it is a bug. It seems that only the last called actuator can reset the mouse cursor back in the middle of the screen. If you turn on the mouse cursor you will see that the mouse cursor will be placed always on the right side of the screen. If you enable the X axis on the camera and enable there reset it will work.

Yes, I confirm it too. I will add it to bug tracker to check deeper.

The problem isn’t multiple Mouse actuators, it’s having two different axes on two different actuators. Definitely a bug from what I can tell.

New builds going up tonight should have this fixed, so you can mark the thread as Solved.

Hey, thanks for adding it to the tracker, lordloki. Also, thanks for the fix, both you and Moguri! Super quick!

you’re welcome