Mouselook Navigation addon (+ZBrush mode)

Mouse-look Navigation™ - Brand new UPDATE v1.70:

  • added “Navigate subdivision levels" operator
  • improved “Orbit Around Selection”, now matches more closely Blender behaviour

Thank you for the support!

Just to clarify, the addon doesn’t automatically register any shortcuts for the “Navigate subdivision levels" operator. If you want to use it, you would have to make your own shortcuts (the operator identifier is mouselook_navigation.subdivision_navigate).

Hey dairin0d!
Thanks for adding this functionality to the tool! I seem to be having some issues with it, maybe it is something I am doing wrong:

  1. Mapped a shortcut to mouselook_navigation.subdivision_naviagate (set it to ctrl+alt+shift+z for testing)
  2. Created a QuadSphere
  3. Selected QuadSphere and entered sculpt mode.
  4. Hit ctrl+shift+alt+z to bring up the Navigate subdivision levels dialog
  5. With “Force” enabled and “Relative” disabled, it will add the number of subdivisions set and I can step up and down them.
  6. If I sculpt on a level, then go up/down levels in Navigate subdivision levels dialog, all sculpting information is lost. However, if I change it directly in the modifier the sculpting data is retained.


Mouse-look Navigation™ NEW UPDATE v1.71

New changes for “Navigate subdivision levels" operator:

  • Replaced “Force” option with “Auto subdivide” and “Remove higher levels”
  • Workarounds for Sculpt mode undo/redo weirdness (does not work with Blender versions below 2.93)

Thank you for the support!

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Working great now!!! Thanks again for adding this feature to Mouse Look Navigation!

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Today, a small update (version 1.7.2) was released, which adds a couple more options for the Orbit Snap + Auto Perspective behavior. Now the default option is Blender’s behavior, but some users might find the “ON: Ortho, OFF: Original” option more convenient.

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Does this addon adds ability to rotate around mouse position on the mesh (similar to sculpt mode).

Yes, the addon provides such an ability (it can be enabled via Blender’s “Auto Depth” option).

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Forgot to ask also, is there a way to do camera roll?

There is no dedicated option for roll, but the addon has a Trackball mode and an auto-leveling option (for more details, see the addon’s documentation).

dope add on, thanks a lot for making it! Is there a way to disable the top bar hiding transition during rotation/pan? I mean the text that says ORBIT (zoom=10) that replaces the top bar during the pan or zoom.

Hi, currently there is no such option. It would be easy to add, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to it.

if it goes onto the list, I am glad, thanks!

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Not working with blender 3.0 alpha. it works with the lastest 2.93.2 tho.

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Mouse-look Navigation™ NEW UPDATE v1.74

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Blender 3.0 alpha
  • Added an option to not show mode/zoom info in the 3D View header during the navigation

Thank you for your support!

Are there any tricks to get the camera to zoom to and orbit around last sculpted area better? I am looking for similar behavior when the plugin is disabled. I’ve been working on larger cylindrical objects and have noticed that it always seems to rotate and zoom to the center of the mesh making it very difficult to navigate around.

Unfortunately, no. The existing Blender API does not provide this information to the python scripts.

Ah, that’s a bummer. Any idea if it is on their roadmap? Thanks again for the speedy reply! :smiley:

Last I checked, this wasn’t on their roadmap (Blender devs probably aren’t even aware that someone might want to access the last sculpted/painted position). Missing API functionality is technically not a bug, and they don’t do feature requests, so I don’t know how to ask for it.

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