Mouselook Navigation addon (+ZBrush mode)

Made an account on here just to express my gratitude at making such a wonderful artist-friendly addition to Blender. Now I don’t have to shell out a thousand dollars for ZBrush just because Blender is bad with tablets. You rock.

Hello! this is an amazing addon! I’m having trouble finding the “Record Z-buffer” option in the preferences window so I can disable it. has it been removed? I’m trying to make this work with “fast navigate”, but so far it’s not working. I’m currently using the 1.2.6 addon version in Blender 2.83.2

Yes, the “Record Z-buffer” option has been removed when I was porting the addon to Blender 2.80. Sorry for the confusion, I still haven’t updated the documentation :sweat_smile:

What do you mean by “fast navigate”?

Thanks a lot for the reply! I was refering to the “fast navigate” option that can be used with multires objects in sculpt mode under the options menu. I think some people had the same issue before, and they were able to fix it by disabling the “record Z-buffer” option

Well, it seems that the raycasting/selection methods I use to detect objects under the mouse no longer work for Multires in Sculpt mode. A workaround is probably possible, but it’s hard to estimate when I’ll be able to fix this.

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No rush, man. You’ve created something that’s helping people around the world. thanks for this amazing addon!

Absolutely love the concept of this tool! Just having a bit of trouble getting it to work 100% properly with Industry Standard keymap and Blender 2.9. For the life of me I can’t get the Alt+LMB to select the other objects and I have had to map it to Shift+Alt+LMB, no biggie, but would love it to be 1:1 with Zbrush’s navigation. Any ideas?

Also, I have noticed that I have to enable each object I select into sculpt mode, plus disable the objects outline (otherwise for some reason non-selected, sculpt activated, meshes have outlines). Anyone else see this?


Edit: While multires sculpting with the addon in 2.90 has a severe delay, in 2.91 beta it straight up freezes my machine and I need to reboot. Any updates on the raycast/selection workaround?

Hi, sorry for a late response.

To be honest, completely I forgot about the Industry Compatible keymap when I was updating the addon for Blender 2.8. I’ll try to add a corresponding preset to the addon. Though I’m not exactly sure what you mean regarding Alt+LMB – according to the documentation, in the Industry Compatible keymap it’s supposed to orbit the view, not select objects.

I’m afraid I don’t really understand how to “enable each object I select into sculpt mode, plus disable the objects outline”. How do you normally do it, without the addon?

I haven’t yet been able to devote much time to developing a workaround for multires, unfortunately. With my current schedule, it might take at least a few weeks.

Thanks for the response! As for the Alt+LMB, you are right, that is orbit the view in Industry Compatible keymap, I had just thought that the add-on was overriding certain mappings when enabled. If it can’t, having it at Shift + Alt + LMB to select is no biggie.

I figured out what was going on with the outlines, I had stuff selected in Layout before switching to Sculpt. If I make sure nothing is selected, switch to sculpt mode, then start setting my objects modes to sculpt it works fine, no orange outline on inactive objects.

No worries about the multires bug. When it is ready it is ready. :grin: Just thankful that an addon like this exists to help people work between Zbrush and Blender more efficiently.

One last thing, originally I had my Blender working with the addon enabled in Layout mode using the normal Industry Compatible keymappings, then when I switched to Sculpting the Mouse Look Navigation keys were working. While I was messing with the settings I some how broke this and now I have to disable Mouse Look Navigation when in Layout. I can’t figure out if it was supposed to work like this or I just somehow got it working differently in the two modes. haha. Any ideas?


The addon doesn’t override existing keymaps, it just inserts its own keymaps with higher priority (so the “overriding” effect occurs only when the default keymap and the addon’s keymap are assigned to the same event).
If you use any other keymap configuration than Blender’s default, you would need to perform some additional setup for the addon (see the documentation for details).

As for Alt+LMB selecting objects in sculpt mode – it has nothing to do with the addon. It appears that Blender devs implemented it specifically for the “Blender” keyconfig, and in other keyconfigs (e.g. “Blender 27X”, “Industry Compatible”) it simply doesn’t work.

Hmmm… It seems I got somewhat confused about the Multires problem. I got an impression that raycasting and selection didn’t work at all when multires was used, but today I managed to do some testing in different versions of Blender, and they seem to actually work. The only problem appears to be the one Jaidek mentioned – the slowdowns.

However, getting rid of these slowdowns seems to be currently impossible :frowning_face: With the existing API, scripts have no access to Blender’s sculpt data, and objects in sculpt mode are not raycastable. So I can only detect if the sculpted object is under the mouse by exiting the sculpt mode, which is slow for high-resolution objects (and then I also have to go back into the sculpt mode, which is even slower).