MouseOver broken with Orthogonal Camera?

Can anyone confirm the MouseOver sensor isn’t working when looking through an orthogonal camera? I’m trying to setup a mouse system for a game when looking through an orthogonal camera. Turn orthogonal mode off and all is well, turn it on and the mouse over logic breaks :|.

It doesn’t work for me tough

Have you tried using a script? This might be a way around it.

actually, that isn’t very surprizing

it has always been documented that the mouse over sensor required a perspective camera view, but previously ortho camera views weren’t possible

the requirement is probably because the mouse over sensor is derived from a ray sensor tracking the system cursor, with an ortho camera the base must move but the rotation may not change
[so, I guess it just wasn’t considered when it was made possible that changes had to be made there as well]

you’d probably have to make a cursor inside of blender which doesn’t align with the system cursor [because that is a pain to do], and use that instead

One possible solution would be to use a perspective camera with a huge Lens value, this would simulate an orthoganal view. You’d also have to increase the clip end since you need to move the camera WAY back.

This may not be a workable solution depending on your senario, but it’s an option