MouseOver scaled objects trouble? Erwin?

I was playing with using the mouse over brick over objects who’s scale changes but I seem to be getting inconsistent results, sometimes the mouseover works even when the object has been scaled but other times it doesnt register that the object has scaled causing the mouse over to respond the the original size but not the new size which is not ideal.

Anyway so I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems or maybe it works perfectly for others any information would be greatly apreciated.

Hi, recently I added support for multiple viewports and fixed some bugs with the mouse sensor, It would not at all surprise me if there is some bug that isnt fixed.
Could you attach a simple blend file shows the bug?

hey ideasman42 thanks for the interest ive attached a .blend with instructions to show the problem. I am using 2.49 official version.


MouseOverBug.blend (136 KB)

Hi, This has something to do with sleeping,
If you enable no sleeping then it works.

It appears that if you scale the object after its asleep, its bounds aren’t scaled with it.
But I’m no blender coder.

fixed r20869, thanks for the report, helped a lot in fixing the bug.
It ended up being a bullet integration bug (not a focus sensor bug as I hoped), But was quite obvious that the object needed to be woken up when scaling.
(edit, yes this will be in 2.49a)

Thank you.

awsome! i was also hoping it was an easy fix thanks for all your effort ideasman42 i hope you know how much the community apreciates it all! :smiley:

*EDIT: Guess I should have posted here sorry about that. :o