Mouth Armature causing self-clipping

So I’ve been working through a few ‘projects’, modeling, texturing and rigging a character for practice, and… anyways, it’s a boring story. Point is, I’ve reached an impasse, where my usual methods (looking up tutorials and hoping for the best) hasn’t been working.

So… yeah. As you can see in this sample picture, the edge of the lips clips through itself. If the mouth is further extended, the top of the chin also clips through the lips. I could call it quits for this one and start over, but… I’m just not sure what I’ve done wrong, and I’d like to know so I can at least, you know, avoid it in the future, but I don’t know where I’d start. Is it just a problem with the weight painting? To many weights overlapping? Wrong structure of the lip armature? Wrong structure of the jaw armature? Wrong topology of the lips themselves? Wrong bone alignment?

Subaru Alpha 57.blend (6.35 MB)
Blend File included for your perusal. Character is Subaru Nakajima of MGLN.

I think there are many small issues that once cumulated makes one big issue.
f you really want to rig your face with bones, then maybe try to see how it’s done in rigify. You don’t take advantage of BBones. And bone placement, weight paint can be improved.
Or you can look into shape keys. And once you’ll be at ease with that replace some stuff with bone based rig for another project.

The face as many points, that could be easier to manage with less points and a subsurf modifier after the armature modifier. Topology isn’t perfect either, but I’m sure with a better rig that won’t be so much of an issue.

Try to restart the facial rig, the whole character isn’t that bad and you can still push it way further.

Don’t discourage yourself , you’re on the right path !

Well, I solved the immediate problem though… basically, wiping everything, shifting the bone at the edge of the mouth inwards, and discovering the ability hide sections of the mesh/see through things, which I’d somehow misplaced.

I have used rigify on a previous iteration, probably should study it more closely. I don’t want to use shape keys in part because I hope to potentially use them for