Mouth has weird shape


I’m modeling a female head, and have gotten so far as to have eyesocket, eyeballs, nose and mouth. But I have a BIG problem with the mouth! I don’t see what I have done wrong, so I was hoping someone could help me?

As you can see, the mouth has gotten some weird shape added to it, and I would like to get rid of it. Please help! Thanks in advance :grin:

Maybe a problem with the normals? In Edit Mode try Make Normals Consistent, see if that helps.

If that’s not it somebody’s probably gonna mention that posting a copy of your blend file would be helpful, so I’ll get it in now. :wink:

I tried to make normals consistent in Edit Mode, but that didn’t help. :frowning:

AngelinaJolie.blend (669.1 KB)

I added the blend file here, don’t know if I did that right tho… :sweat_smile:

In Edit Mode make sure to Select All first. :blush: I just tried that and it worked. If it doesn’t for you I’ll save what I’ve got and post it back to you.

Omg, I’m such a fool! :sweat_smile:

It worked now:grin: Thank you so much! I’m a newbie at this, as you probably guessed :blush:

You’re welcome! I’m pretty much a noob myself. FYI: I’ve just checked and after I did that the normals were facing in, you probably want 'em facing out.

Thanks for letting me know! I was gonna ask how I could flip them, but through stumbling around and just pushing something, I figured it out :smiley: