Mouth Monster materials critique

Hi all. I’m looking for some critiques on the overall materials look.

For the skin, I’m attempting a “naked molerat” kind of look. I like the feel of the skin material, but I think I could improve the coloring. I think it could use some kind of contrast, but what/how?

Think the teeth are likewise, almost there, but missing something. There’s a little but of SSS on them and I think that helped make them not look so much like plastic, but it eliminated any sort of shadow between the individual teeth.

The skin and teeth are the two areas I was looking for help on, but if you spot anything else that could help improve, please let me know what you think. Thanks!


Looks like some creature form one of Tool videos. Very cool!

Maybe you can try to add some AO to those teeth to fake shadows between them.

When you google some Gums pics (beware some gross stuff) you can see that they are semi transparent and that you can actually see teeth roots inside them. Also shape of the gums can be imporved.

nice little guy : )

Not getting that more plastic toy…is it just one color?
lot of good reference on google. just take some and you could even just color pick parts of the real things body. Think about what happening on it and just sort of copy it. transulucency color viens is there any small furs. the skin, the thing looks like it has a skin scarf but yours totally flat.

Basically, more reference study it better. think what makes it unique. only so many things that make up a material

Teeth are wet. again ref how shiny are they?

Hands, they don’t appear to have any bones in them.

you might find this video useful

just ignore substance specific stuff…

Thank you for your feedback. I should have been more clear.I wasn’t trying to make him look like a naked molerat, more like, I was trying to get his skin to get that transluscent look that a naked molerat’s skin has.

I agree, though, his skin does look a bit like plastic at the moment. However, your question asking if it was one color and comment about the hands not having any bones made me think that perhaps my lighting could use some work.

Here is the same model with a brighter light and from a different angle. There is quite a bit of color variation and surface detail that I’m realizing does not really come across in the original render.

I also took him into a game engine and he looks much different than the other two renders

I’m realizing that lighting seems to make quite a difference in how a model is perceived.

In the original render, I was going for a neutral sort of lighting as a means of presentation. I think I may have under-lit the model.

Or course, lighitng isn’t the only issue. The skin material doesn’t quite have that translucent quality that the naked molerat’s does. I have a bit of SSS on the material, but that doesn’t seem to be enough.

Do you have any material or lighting tips?

So just disregard what i said about skin folds…

that is what my post was. ill try and explain different.

“There is quite a bit of color variation” no where near enough for an animal with see through skin.

Put simply figure where he has veins and color that part of the skin blue. take a different organ and color that part.

like this just not so much. not just a little bit of yellow here and there.

Figure out what your character looks inside how thick the skin is and make maps. sss color spec…

thinner more stretched skin more color less bump
thinker less color more bump

just do a few…see how they look.

I see now. Yes, it makes sense. What I painted had color, but only the color of the surface skin. I also need to paint what is underneath.

I will do some tests and see how they look. Thank you again for your help.:grinning:

I can’t help you much with the Materials but for the lighting I would recommend putting him in a dark scene. Maybe inspire yourself with this video:7 Qualities of Light -Gleb Alexandrov
Also Blender Guru just started a series about lighting maybe it will help you.

This is probably the definitive teeth shader thread: SSS teeth shader

Ooh, I will definitely check those out, Thanks!

That thread looks awesome. I’ll look into the material they’re using and see how it looks on this fella.