Mouth on pony.

I’m working on a (My Little) Pony, which is going to end up as a unicorn, that I wish to animate in the end (please be forgiving since this is my first real project).

I’m still at the modelling stage (obviously since I’m posting here) and are now trying to making the mouth. I’m kind of lost though. I’ve found at lot af tutorials (only finished meshes though and no step by step ones) on making humanoid mouths and have tried to use the same principles on my pony, without succes though.

What I’m really trying to ask. is if anyone might help me with some advice on how to do it, or tell me of a good tutorial that might help me?
Any advice on the rest of my work so far is very much appreciated too. Both in general and with regards to rigging and deformation while animating.

You can get my model at this link (will be updated as I progress):

Thank you very much

Are there really not anybody who’s willing or able to help?

I’ve just updated the file in my previous post with the little work I’ve been able to do (but I’m still kind of lost).

Here’s a bonus question: Would you model the teeth, gum and tongue as seperate objects or as part of the pony mesh?

wow, good job XD

looks like you didnt need help

I would probably model them seperate and then join them. If they were seperate whie you rigged them, things could get confusing

The gums would be usually part of the main mesh with its geometry flowing as part of the pony mesh itself.

The teeth would also be part of the object but for ease of modeling you’d usually not have the faces flow into the rest of the mesh.