Mouth rig

Hey guys, I’m working on a facial rig but I have a problem(new to blender, coming from Maya). I wanna constrain an empty to a surface so that the when I move the empty is follows a surface (sphere). How do I do it?

/ Chris

For a sphere, just use a ‘Limit Distance’ constraint targeting an object at the centre of the sphere, with a distance equal to the radius of the sphere and clamped to the surface.

For a more general surface, try a ‘Shrinkwrap’ constraint.

Best wishes,

What the…?! I had no idea Shrinkwrap was available as a Constraint!!

This whole time I thought it was just a modifier – as a constraint it opens up a lot of possibilities for facial rigging!

I’d asked about just this subject, constraining bones to a surface, before Shrinkwrap was coded, and since forgotten about it and never made the connection (or paid enough attention to the constraints menu).

Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks MCollett, both techniques works very well.

/ Chris