Mouth ulcers

How the hell do I get rid of it???

A whole 2 1/2 seconds of google searching got me this:

Treatment of mouth ulcers may include soothing mouthwashes (such as salt and warm water or compound thymol glycerin mouthwash) or antiseptic mouthwashes such as chlorhexidine mouthwash or povidone iodine mouthwash. Pain can be relieved by using local anaesthetics such as benzydamine hydrochloride, choline salicylate gel or lignocaine. Local anaesthetics like this cause temporary numbness at the site where they are applied. These local anaesthetics may be used in the form of a mouthwash, a spray, a jelly or an ointment. (Local anaesthetics need to be used with care: if the back of the tongue or the throat is made numb this can result in choking when swallowing food or drink. Local anaesthetics are also not suitable for young children with mouth ulcers).
Carmellose gelatin paste may be applied to mouth ulcers; it forms a protective layer over the ulcer.
Paracetamol is useful to relieve pain, especially for young children with viral infections causing mouth ulcers. Such young children need to be encouraged to drink to avoid dehydration.
Carbenoxolone gel or mouthwash can be used.
Many of the remedies above may be bought from a pharmacy without a prescription.
Treatment of aphthous ulcers may, on medical advice, include corticosteroids applied as a paste or used as a mouthwash. Occasionally it may be necessary to take corticosteroid tablets (so that they are absorbed into the bloodstream) to treat some severe types of mouth ulcer. For large aphthous ulcers, corticosteroids may sometimes be injected beneath the ulcer. Before using corticosteroids of any type it is important to be sure that the ulcers are not caused by a viral infection.
Aciclovir, a type of antiviral medication may sometimes be helpful for mouth ulcers caused by the herpes simplex virus. Aciclovir cream may be used for treatment of cold sores. It should be applied as early as possible, preferably when the tingling sensation is present but the cold sore has not yet appeared.
A mouthwash containing tetracycline (a type of antibiotic) is sometimes used for treatment of mouth ulcers. A medication called cimetidine, originally used to treat stomach ulcers, has also been used in the treatment of aphthous mouth ulcers.
Sorry to hear you have them, but they make for an eye catching thread title!:smiley:

cold viruses often affect your mucous membranes, and your mouth has a mucous membrane lining. If so, you’ll just have to let the virus run its course and the only thing you can do is get lots of rest, keep the ulcer cleen and disinfected, and not eat anything that can irritate it.

However, if you got it by biting your cheek or something, you can just put salt directly on it to kill the bacteria and it should heal pretty soon. The salt is generally quite painful (well it stings a lot), but often you can see the results within an hour.
good luck.
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This info is from personal experience, so I know it works.

You could always try sucking an icecube to ease the pain from the ulcer.

However requesting medical info from a web forum? Not necesarily a good idea - someone may recommend trying something which makes you turn into a newt. :eek:


Peasant: “She turned me into a newt!”
Bedemere: “A newt?”
Peasant: “I got better.”

Currently being in Canada with two of these things I’ve quickly learnt north americans simply don’t have a clue about how to deal with them.

You just need to get some appropriate steroids as antiinflammatories. The thing is if it’s a viral infection (the assumption in Europe appears to be that it’s not, whereas everywhere else is the opposite) that’s a really bad idea, and the pharmacy don’t want to be sued.

Turns out it would take a couple of visits to a doctor and a week of observation before they’d give me anything like the strength of medicine I can get over the counter in the UK.

The only other decent hint is take lots of vitamins.

cut them off. problem solved

dont you get ulcers from worrying? or am i jsut stupid

Mouth ulcers, or canker sores, are not so easy to get rid of. Scientists, still, are not quite sure how to treat them. It is pretty widely accepted that it is an immune system disorder. Once your mouth gets irritated or cut, your immune system begins to reject cells around the cut area. This is what causes the sores/white spots. So unless you can re-wire your DNA you are kind of out of luck. Keeping it clean is a good idea. And there are a lot of homeopathic remedies that, imo, don’t do a damn thing. For some people canker sores go away after they get older, 25 or so. It is also thought that canker sores could be an allergic to a food/drink product. So think about what you ate or drank prior to getting the sores. Soda is a common culprit due to the high sugar content.

baking soda, stick it on it for a few days.

Also stop being so stressed, i get them when i am stressed.

but baking soda works awsome, it changes the Ph level and kills the bacteria, since they like acidic places.

my dentist always told me the warm water + salt trick.

it tastes friggin awful but they clear up pretty quick

baking soda is good too

yeah gargling salt water was the other one i was gonna suggest, but baking soda is more targetted.

salt water is what you should use on any mouth/throat infection by default, if its a virus it won’t work, but if its not it will sort it out

Interesting that this topic should be here now. My 2 year old daughter (it was her birthday yesterday) just spend a few days in hospital, becuase of mouth ulcers. Being so young, her body does not have the same imune system as adults, and the virus covered her mouth inside with ulcers. That in turn caused her to stop drinking and eating and a pretty high fever. First she started to dehidrate, which landed her in hospital where she was put on a drip, but then after 5 days of not eating anything, her body was too weak to fight the virus, so she had to get a nasal gastro tube.
It may not sound like much, but I can asure you it was hell on earth for both parents and baby. And it all started with some freaking blisters.
Not meaning to hijack the thread, but this is the first night that I have time to sleep, but of course now I just can’t fall alseep. Its 2am…

It may not sound like much,

Uh, it sounds like plenty. Glad she’s okay now.

A good solution that I have found is colloidal silver, which is available at a health-food store. This is a very potent anti-viral. Put a few drops under the tongue, hold one minute, swallow.

(Silver is the secret ingredient of any swimming-pool maintenance guy. A few ounces will keep an entire 10,000 gallon pool spotless.)

To get rid of warts and so on, buy some DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) also at the health-food store, and mix with silver. DMSO is the basis of a horse linement… it has the unique ability to penetrate the outer surfaces of the skin. Lightly rubbed with a Q-tip on the spot daily, it should clear it up within the week.

Gets rid of warts, thick skin, thick nails. Haven’t tried with mouth ulcers but one shot gets rid of cold sores.

Some dentists offer laser treatment. A pretty expensive solution but a quick “ZAP” and they’re gone by the next day.

With mouth ulcers do you mean when like you’ve bitten the inside of your mout or your tongue and it becomes this white wound that aches like hell?

Then the only solution you’ll need is Pyralvex! It is available in Netherland anyway. It neutralises the pain right away and I feel that by taking the pain away, the ulcer heals more quickly. It’s available over the counter.

Mouth ulcers come in various different forms. By far the most common is a result of the Herpes virus. According to my daughter’s paediatrician roughly 90% of all people are infected with the Herpes virus, therefore any blister in your mouth or genetal areas are usually asumed to be caused by Herpes.
The virus obviously likes damp soft areas, but can also form blisters on your face, lips or where ever. Every individual deals with it differently. Most adults, like myself only get a little blister every 5 years or so, and it gets less and less as your body’s imune system learns to deal it.
There is no real way of getting rid of the virus itself - its there for life :frowning: However the symtoms (blisters) can be treated.

Thanks for the help!
I’ll give some of those a try tonight.
I hope your daughter will be okay ebow3d

Mouth ulcers are called canker sores, they are white ulcers that happen inside the mouth, They are often caused by accidental biting of the inside of ones mouth. they are NOT caused by a virus. One theory is that they happen because of an immune system mistake, it is probably genetic. They happen more often in females then males.

Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus, they are red blisters that can happen a lot of places and are contagious. The virus can even be spread when a person shows no symptoms. The majority of people are infected already but show no symptoms.