Hi all!
I am entering an computer graphics art contest where most of the enteries are done on ms paint. :o
So I have been looking for subjects with glass and mirrors (cause everyone loves that!), and came up with the idea of mouthpieces.
Here it is:
Click for larger version

btw, I was looking through the past winners of this contest, and I found a blender one! I was a discombobulated elongated cube duplicated 5 times on a plane, called ‘the newspaper graveyard’. - He won scholorship money for that 5 minute blend. :smiley:
I have high hopes.

:smiley: nice job

That is great, but mouthpeices are not that shiney/reflective. Great job though!

It depends really. I’ve seen some that are just as shiny and reflective, though those are usually the more expensive ones used mainly for shows and stuff. I really like the composition, showing the variety and everything. Good job.

very nice. I like it a lot

Great job, very nice redering and reflexion. One crit though, and this was already the case in your previous post, the wood texture is to blur compared to the sharpness of the mouthpieces. I would suggest you to make a sharper image (with Gimp) and to use the bump mapping (NOR parameter) in the texture tab. If you add some DOF in the image, it would be much more photorealist.

Very good except for wood texture. Nice work.

Very nice! I do have some additional suggestions, though, assuming you’re going for maximum realism.

  1. From what I’ve seen, brass mouthpieces tend to be kind of orange, whereas yours look a little green! But maybe that’s from the background lighting. I would mess around with the diffuse color a bit.

  2. I’m guessing you’re either using the skybox or an area light for the shadows underneath, and a lamp or something for the longer shadows. Since the source of light in the background is a big rectangle, I would use an area light to soften the long shadows. I can’t get the hang of biasing Yafray’s buffered shadows, but that’s another option. Also, it looks to me like the light for those shadows is coming from the wrong direction with respect to the background. On the upside, I really like your use of multiple lighting components!

  3. If you’re up for it, it would be cool to see some scrapes on the instrument ends of the mouthpieces. Maybe map some textures to the reflection and normal channels. I also see a lot of small nicks on the mouth ends of brass players’ mouthpieces, but that would probably be a pain in the butt to do right. Of course, if they’re new mouthpieces, they’re fine as they are.

Great job overall. I really like it.:slight_smile:

Weird. That’s the only word for it. I was trying to fix all that stuff, and I think it was looking pretty cool, then I rendered it. Aliens flew in and drew graffiti all over my table! :< Look and wonder, fellow blenders!
That shows up nowhere in the wood texture. I can post it if you don’t believe me.

Particlese: The Lighting is Yafray’s HDRI and Full GI. I have one normal lamp in there, for the shadows, and I will tweak it a bit for better shadows.
I might try and add some scratches to it, nice suggestion, thanks! :slight_smile:

those black lines look like a mesh that has normals facing different directions that has been smoothed and subsurfed… try recalcing normals…

Grain circles?

I crack me up.

…Looks excellent, by the way.

blender orange has an anistropic shader on line that MIGHT give you that fuzzy metal look. Not sure if everything is up to speed, like tangents. Would make a nice textural contrast for one or two of the mouthpieces.

I guess you’re using YafRay though. Nice image. Some felt cloth would add a lot too.

Awsome job with the mouthpieces. I happend to play trumpet and you got it perfectly. Might want to fix up the shadows, or just remove them because they’re too shiney to even have them.