mouvement (update)

hi, 3 days, 376 objects, all notation is text, model of “horn” used as reference, then made in blender using a combination of curves & mesh. It’s not perfect, but I achieved a lot with this.
my best so far.

bring on the tunes…
edit: new material, better but still not perfect.
edit2: fixed lip/edge

Nice. I play trumpet. :slight_smile: The model looks great, though it could use some more reflection. That might be kind of hard unless you have an environment to reflect, though.

Look for some materials in the Blender Material Library.

Red Moose, thanks, no environment it’s true.
trak wrecker, lol, it’s just a 150 x 150 image, no procedurals.
dull was the look I wanted.
I have materials by the 1000s
I may re-visit this later today with a shiny version.

As above,
great model, boring material. Cool you could achieve it with so simple means.

However, if you want that instrument to pass through the sheet of music, please work some with DOF or something.

/ Mats

i think the opening on the far left is too thin, almost as if it’s got no depth whatsoever, maybe do a little extruding around the edges?
other than that its cool :slight_smile:

hi, thanks for the comments, has helped a lot.
jeepster, nothing ‘solidify selection’ set to -0.050 couldn’t fix.
thanks, I missed that & you were right, it was too thin.

it looks like an antique, leave it un-shiny. if it was to shiny it would look new and fake.

oooh much better with the update :slight_smile:

soo nicely made:) btw, did u use the same texture for the trumpet and the music?

hi, thanks, things will be stepping up a notch from me for now on (I Hope).
DanielSDZ, no, there are 3 gold textures for the Trumpet,
all in my Metal 1 library for the Trumpet (follow my sig)
The background is from , cardboards_vol2,
(if I remember it was posted here sometime ago) mapped to the World Horizon then desaturated (move the color slider in the texture settings) to get the result.
The ‘notes’ are fonts, just with a Black texture, this was the hardest part of all,
positioning the notes whilst trying to stay true to the original manuscript. (that I could not do due to errors in the original sheet music template I made. (to little room between the treble & bass))
Still, the notes took many, many hours.
thanks again.

imo you need some lights and “parent” them to that mesh (i mean make a light group and make them exclusive to that mesh to give it a shine.)

Looks good. Excuse my terminology since I don’t play the trumpet; the horizontal tubes that run through the three vertical button tubes look like they phase through them with no actual way they are attached. I used to play the french horn and as best as I remember there are supposed to be solder joints at places like that. Needs some bump mapping to emphasize scratches and dings since it looks like you’re trying for the old look.

Nice style, could be used to advertise a music recital.
The music score looks good but shouldn’t there be a line through middle C, or is that just piano music?

Not too bad model-wise(with the exception of those tubes at the bottom that pass through the intersecting ones unhindered), but the lighting is not very good. There seem to be no shadows whatsoever, not even some AO to depth and substantiality.

looks pretty good, i’d be curious to see how it looks with one of those focus nodes, that make the farther away stuff look blurry… just for the horn though, obviously not the sheet music.

also, is that an actual song? i was gonna try to play it but way too many accidentals :slight_smile:

hi, thanks for the replies,
the Sheet Music is text imported into Blender, then constructed piece by piece in 3d,
there is a slight bevel, but it is not visible. It was an actual song used as reference, but due to errors setting up the staffs I had to approximate it, so trying to play it will not be so good.
I see the problems with the textures & lighting, for me this was really an exercise in modeling, setting a task, then completing it.
I may fool around with it again next year, but for now that’s it, defiantly an improvement on the previous works I have posted, but still lacking in some areas.
This is something I will work on in the future, everyones comments & crits have been very valuable & I thank you all.
ps, have you all seen the really great trumpet by robbur,
that’s the real deal.