.mov to .png ? for voodoo + Blender

I wish to give Voodoo a try with Blender and found that it cant open my .mov in Voodoo but can instead open a Sequence of .png files. It also support formats .tga and .jpg , personaly I would like to convert my video into ether .png or .tga.

Is there any free software that could help me convert my .mov in to .png’s please?.
I have a external hard drive to save the many images :wink:

Load the .mov into blender’s video sequence editor. In the render panel, make sure the dimensions & fps settings match that of the video. Make sure ‘do sequence’ is enabled, set the output type to .png, select output directory & file name. Then hit render animation, and blender will render a series of .png images.


Thanks revolt_randy :wink:

I do it with mplayer: mplayer -vo png /path/to/movie.mov