Movable Elbows

The rigging of an arm, as per the Blender 3.4 documentation (Rigging a Hand and Foot), has IK solvers placed at the wrist. These allow you to move the hand and the arm will follow. The elbow joint will be positioned by the IK solver.

My animation demands a changing position of the elbow. I think an IK solver at the elbow joint will allow absolute positioning of that joint.

Does anyone think this will work?

Thanks, Bob

but then it is too easy to pull the joints apart

instead of doing that [unless you really need to be that accurate], try putting a locked track contstraint on the highest bone in the IK heirachry [the ones that rotate when you move the ik target, probably the upper arm, or possibly shoulder] which rotates [the locked track constraint] around the bone’s length [y axis probably] to another bone or object, and you move this object around to point your elbow

you can do the same for knees.