Movable neck pivot? (bird)


What kind of approach would be best for rigging a cartoon bird’s neck so that it works decently in flying pose and normal (standing on ground) pose? Check the pic.

I decided to try how close to original Jewel model (from Rio movie) I can get with my skills. As you can see there’s still a lot work to do and things to edit. :slight_smile: But should I try to build some sort of rig to fix that neck problem or just have two separate models, one for flying and one other stuff? That would sound a bit troublesome.

Oh and feel free to give any tips for wing rigging and all sort of bird rigging too. :wink: Not at that point yet, though. Just doing some quick rigging tests but eventually I’ll have to rig the wings and stuff and I know it’s going to be rather hard. I haven’t done much rigging in Blender yet. :o I know the wing tutorial here: and I’ll probably try following it, but could use some tips for other things, like using some wing feathers as “fingers” like in the movie etc.

Oh and I suppose I could try fixing the neck problem by doing some extensive weight painting but I don’t think the results are still good enough. Or maybe if I modelled the neck so that it’s half-way between normal and flying pose I guess it might be a bit better. But dunno if that would be enough.



Hmmh something like that might work. Dunno for sure. Gotta do some tests. But thanks. :slight_smile: Still open for other possible solutions though. :slight_smile: