Movable Python on a stick?

How can I get pyhton to be portable. I got Movable Python installed but am not sure how to get Blender to recognise it?
Can anyone make suggestions, as I can’t run all the great scripts here on my work machine (install disabled)

In fact this is easy.
You will need to test on a machine that does not have python installed.
How to:
1> Copy all the files/folders from your python install to your Blender folder.
(that is everything in C:/Python25 to the Blender root folder. Nothing over writes. Blender will look for python first in the root directory before looking elsewhere. This works for all versions of Blender, dating back to 2.37a & Py 2.3 at least)
2> Copy your blender folder to your (preferbly usb2) flash stick.

Oh, that’s all. Thanks so much I have missed out on all these great scripts cause I just didn’t know.