move a character with ipo

Can I make a character move with ipo ? I mean with the X axis like if I was using motion actuator ?

look in the IPO actuator, select Property, and add a existing Integer (int) property.

So you have an Integer, property names Frame…
You make an IPO actuator,set it to property and add Frame…hook it all up to a Always sensor and you will be all set.

now your object will always play whatever keyframe number is assigned to the property Frame…

hope that makes sense,

I think this works with float too… who knows it might even work with a timer property too… I always just use Integers

I’ll try this
but the problem is that when I regod the movement and I play it the object goes to the place where I record the value

I don’t know if using property will change this fact. what I want look more that using ipo as a local value

I have the same problem, how can be archived this? :o

I used a timer and set the move with forces but tell me what is your problem I’ll try to help you.