Move active object with keyboard in 3d view

I could not find anything that moves an object with the keyboard, so i made an addon for it.
This does the same as using ctrl and dragging one of the axis with the mouse.


  • a converted version for Blender 2.80 beta

upgraded to v1.1 added:

  • a property to set the units for each axis x2 (x, -x, y, -y, z, -z)
    – move the object on the axis first then the property will show up in the transform menu (T key), once you set a new value it will move the object directly by the missing distance. I suggest to add a fake object, move and set the unit per axis, then remove that object, the settings will be saved for any other object you going to move.

How to use:

  • install the addon and activate it
  • select an object
  • use alt + arrow keys to move the active object to: left/right/forwards/backwards
  • use alt + shift + up/down arrow to move the active object up or down on z axis
  • u can also hit spacebar and search for ‘move object’ and the options + shortcuts will show up.

Blender 2.79 or UPbge
move active object with keyboard (addon).py (4.9 KB)

Blender 2.80 beta:
move active object in blender 2_80 (5.0 KB)


Thank you, this is really helpful!
Could you add a menu to change meter of each axis from toolbar or somewhere else please?
X - 1.0000
Y - 2.5000
Z - 1.0000

Added V1.1.

You can now set the units(per axis) that it should move with a property, after the first time you moved it on an axis.

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  • a converted version to be used in blender 2.80 beta
    The units to move will nicely popup in a drag able window instead of being in the transform menu.

Amazing ! Thank you very much !

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Thank you. Simple and objective

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