move by numbers

Hi, im still pretty new to blender, and i cant figure this one out.
I made a box, and now I want to extrude, both left and right side, but I want to make it precise. Imagine you got a cube 1 cm on each side, then I want to extrude left and right side, so they measure 2 mm precisely. How do i do that.

I pretty much goes for the rest of the programme to, isnt there some input box where you can align your object in the exact spot you want them in the coordsystem.

If you press the TAB-key while transforming, you can numeric input in the leftbottom corner of your 3D-view. Press TAB again to change to the next input value (x,y,z).

There’s also the Transform Properties Panel.
Select your object(s), vertices or whatever and press N.

You can use your grid as your measuring unit. Like 1 grid = 1 cm, or something like that…

You can also just use numerical input+hotkeys like E11.2<enter> E1(extrude region) 1.2 (1.2 grids along normal X1.2 and XX1.2 (Y YY Z and ZZ) would snap to global or local axis, but strangerly, this does not work with Extrude on all systems works perfectly with Grab and other transforms. (stumbled on this lately) ) <enter> (to not to touch mouse at all - this may alter entered value.)

S2<enter> would scale 2 times GZ-12<enter> would translate 12 grids down, etc. Very fast and precize way.

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