move camera along path / keyframes for/back when pressing keys

Hi there

I never used the game engine so I am a little lost. Would it be possible to move the camera between keyframes and or along a path when pressing a key lets say left right arrow?

and would it be possible to move an object or scale/rotate it when pressing a key as well?

What are the steps to do this? Assume the logic system should be able to do this.

Are there any useful tutorial about this?

I looked but did not find something I was able to understand.

Mh I cannot find a follow path option.

I tried this but it swaps the actions. What I would like would be incase I press right it plays 0 to 10 if I press left it plays 10 to 0 so it is dynamic like forward and backwards by frames or to key frames but not jump right at a keyframe …

Any idea ?