Move camera around during animation

Im making an animation (in grease pencil 3d viewport) and i want the camera to move in the animation. Though when I move the camera is stays there for the entire animation and it doesn’t switch back and forth.

And you didn’t just moved the camera but added some keyframes for camera position and orientation? Or in other words: you animated the camera?

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Ye I tried to move the camera to the left though when I select the camera the stroke gets unselected. Meaning the animation timeline dissaperes. So when I move the camera around it affects the entire animation.

You should check out animation tutorials for Blender, learn the basics : how to keyframe objects, rotation modes, interpolation, how to use the graph editor, and so on. A camera is just like any other object and can be animated the same way that you would animate a character or a prop, so anything you’ll learn will apply to cameras.



Ye I researched animating the camera a bit and found a tutorial. Thanks.