move camera as child from layer to other layer ?

i have a character that when I press a button that’s will transform (will deleted then I will get the other character from other layer)
and the new character have her camera to but the problem is when i move camera as child from the layer to other layer then trying to set to the new character camera i get another position to the camera not the one that i set as child on the other layer ? so what the solution ?

When you add an object from an inactive layer, its location there does not matter. When you use the Add Object actuator, the object will be added to the position of the object which is doing the adding. What you should do is have the adder in the same location as the character which you are trying to add. This way, the character will be added right where it was on the inactive layer.

thanks now i have camera called “camera.020” on another layer and on my add object actuator I want to add this cam to the empty child place but the problem when i press “j” button to set the new camera after added i only get black screen with out any objects on it so what’s the problem ?