move camera the same way I move the view

When hit Numpad 0 to look through the camera and subsequently move the view (MMB Pan and Zoom) I would like the acutally move the camera. As if I were the camera man :slight_smile: Can this be done in Blender?

Select the camera in object mode and press shift + f

That will let you pivot/rotate the camara in place the same as you would the view, sorta like looking thru a telescope. To pan or zoom though you will still need to hit g before adjusting the camaras position.

Using the MMB lets you move

Actually, while in fly mode, you can pan with MMB, and move around with WASD. To zoom. Aim with the mouse, and press W. Num + and Num - to speed up or slow down.

Sorry, I still haven’t figured out how to REALLY zoom. Zoom ususually should not move the camera but instead adjust the FOV.

You have to select the camera and go into the edit buttons. In the F9 button you’ll find the camera options besice link and materials. Adjut the lens size to your desired frame size, that will sort your zooming out for you.

When I want to zoom the camera: I go into Camera view (numpad 0) make sure the camera is the selected object then press G (grab) and then press Z + Z (to select local Z) then move the mouse up or down. This seems to work better for me than using the mouse wheel in fly mode.
Good luck

I have been using CTRL-ALT-NUMPAD0 more recently.
Simply move the view the way you want it then hit the key sequence CTRL-ALT-NUMPAD0 and your camera will jump to that view. (Remember, NUM-Lock can defeat this)