Move/change the world origin

Hello all!

I wonder, is there a way to actually change the origo plane in blender to a new location?
I want to move the world origin, so that the 0,0,0 point is somewhere else , changing the relation to all objects of the file.

In revit and rhino u can Do this.


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No, there is no option to move the world origin, you have to select all and move the objects instead.

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Okey , thank you!
Will be heavy in a Huge scene, and lots of possible failures.

But maybe its hard to implement a feature to move world origin?


No, that should be an easy implementation, i cant see a reason that this would be a difficult task.
You can make an post for that change here:

Also if you know a bit of python scripting you could write a script to change all object origins for a given value.