Move cursor at a precise distance at a specific angle

if this would be implemented in blender 2.5 , it will be the the new dawn of CAD drafting

here is a video explain what is on my mind:

here is a idea for the UI in blender:

where should i should i post this info in order the blender developers to see it ?

There are some Cad related scripts out there that might do this kind of thing. I’m sure otherwise it would be reasonably simple to do something like this with a bit of python.

Just add the vector (y * cos(x * pi / 180), y * sin(x * pi / 180)).

It would be something like

from math import pi, cos, sin

cursor.x += y * cos(x * pi / 180)
cursor.y += y * sin(x * pi / 180)

The * pi / 180 is because you probably want to input degrees, not radians. The cosine gives you the x displacement on a unit circle, the sine gives you the y displacement. This way you point in the right direction. You multiply by the length to go the desired amount of units in that direction. It is just really basic trigonometry.

which CAD related script is there to work with Blender 2.5 and to this kind of stuff?

sorry but thats ok if your a math wiz or python wiz but not all of are, so having it as an addon is far better

taking in consideration that i just started using blender of a couple of months, it is a little tough for me to start make python scripts :expressionless:

by the way a added a video to express my idea so it could be better understood: take a look at the first post.

What advantage does it have over extruding the vertex and then rotating about the original vertex?

It seems a little hacky to me; to mix a cartesian coordinate system with a spherical.

But maybe implementing a complete spherical coordinate system and having the ability to switch between the two could be useful.

simply because is a better and quicker workflow, obviously !!

The main problem I see with this is you’d need some special magic because blender works in a 3d workspace while the mockup only deals with a 2d space.

Is the cursor supposed to move on the X axis or Y axis? Follow the plane of the view like left click placing of the cursor currently does? How about if you wanted to move the cursor on the Z axis? What about rotating on more than one axis?

Lots of non-obvious corner cases to be worked out.

since is CAD drafting, the best way to do this would be to hit 7, 1 or 3 and then 5 on numpad, to enter in ortho mode. Then it should make sense.
watch the video and you’ll get it!

If you compare the two objectively, the current one is actually quicker


Switch pivot point to active element
Select vertex
E - extrude
X - axis
5 - length
Select extruded element
Select vertex for pivot point
R - Rotate
Enter angle

10 Clicks/keys
1 Menu


Select vertex
Shift+S align cursor to selected
Click length
Enter length
Click angle
Enter angle
[axis selection]
Shift+A - add plane
W - merge
Select original vertex
Select new vertex
F - fill

8 Clicks/keys
3 Menus

There are easier ways this could be done without no cursor.
When extruding, you should be able to write in the angle, not just the lenght.
When a length is specificated with the numpad, it should lock the length and let you freely select the direction (or type it in)
Or, you could choose to specific the direction and then select the length.

Blender doesn’t actually need much to get good at precise modeling, maybe even making blueprints :wink:
I’ve made a proposal on Blenderstorm on what it needs to become that awesome:

i don’t get this part. please do explain!

what do you mean by selecting vertex por pivot point???

and yesss, i’m a noob :smiley:

AlexDS, you can select a vertex, place a cursor on it, select the cursor as the rotation origin, select the line, rotate it 30 degrees.


would be nice to have the angle and lenght directly in blender faster !
but i can live with an addons script

i look at your proprosal for getting to see some of proc texture

any chance of having this or just a dream ?
but it should be an option depends on qty of faces i guess!


i got it now.
but still quite impractical.

i stand corrected , your way is also good.
since is the only possibility around, i will stick to this one :slight_smile:

Actually If you have active element set for pivot point(next to viewport shading drop-down) then you don’t need to mess with the cursor. The last element selected is the active element and will be the pivot point.

I would like the ability to set the angle while extruding (and all transformations) too.

But I think it should be implemented differently:

E, G, R, or S
Click and hold MMB+Type angle
The two axis lines(R,G,B/X,Y,Z) that the white line(appears while holding MMB) is between will be the plane that the angle will be on
[maybe have the ability to enter an angle followed by a comma and then another angle so the vector will be 3D]
Then after releasing MMB enter scalar(length,scale,etc.)

This way everything stays the same except you now have the option to enter an angle

very good idea! :wink: Propose it to the developers!

it would be awesome if we could have the possibility to enter an angle.

where should we propose these things?

could an angle addon work like/with the measure tool. whereever you are in space it gives you the length and angle