Move Existing f-Curve to delta equivalent?

Hi All,

I have an animation that moves along the z-axis.
Now I want to move that object to a new location, but because I already have keyframes I can not.

In 2.49 I could simply copy the IPO to the clipboard, delete the existing channel. Select the delta channel and paste my animation back in place.

How can I do this in 2.5, in the graph editor?
I can see the copy and paste clipboard icons, but there does not seem to be a way to create a new delta channel?

Anyone know how?:spin:

Sadly, I don’t think that’s currently possible. Would be worth consulting Aligorith about it.

Just add a single keyframe for the Delta Transform (in the object properties panel) so its channel shows up in the graph editor. Then you can paste the old keyframes to it.


if you want to offset your animation just edit delta values, no keyframes needed… but maybe I don’t get your problem right… sorry richard had not seen your picture

Thanks, I think those suggestions will work.

It would be nice if you could use some keyboard combination to swap the manipulator for an instance. So I would be dragging on X-delta instead of X.

I guess it I am just feature dreaming…

Glad I just saw this thread while passing through the forums today.

It’s actually a very simple hack if you code a up a little py-script or even an operator (perhaps as an addon?). All you need to do is to change the location/rotation_euler/etc. transform curves to have a “delta_” in front of them in the “data_path”'s of the F-Curves. Perhaps that sounds a bit confusing, but it’s actually very very simple.

Rest assured that this is now on my todo for next week :slight_smile:

Tool now exists in my “Pepper” SoC branch, as of r36859

See commit log for usage details