Move Eyes with emty???

This time I have trubble with " Emty - Snap to object - Constraint "

Many times I have make Cartoon Eyes from this tutorial
< >

I know every single step. Tut say: Place you cursor infront of the eye. Yes exactly. Create an emty ( be sure to clear its rotation ) Yes Alt+ R.

Select the eye and apply the following settings to it, trough a constraint. Yes I use Track to and type Emty in target.

Tut say: Now if you move the emty ( G ? ) the eye vill follow it. Not my eye, no way.

Next step. Tut say: Place your cursor in the middle of the eye. Yes no problem. ( Use snap to object ) ???

I press Shift + S and try everyone in there. I also try everything below magnetik button. Very confusing.

Do you have any ideas wath to do.

thank in advance.


Emty.eye_blend.blend (192 KB)

To get your eye working, right click (select) the eyeball.
In the panel that shows up, on the right there is your “TrackTo” contraint.
The TARGET:OB: field has nothing written in there! That’s probably because you spelt “Empty” wrong last time…
…write the word “Empty” into the box (no quotes though, and don’t forget the “p”)
If you get that right, you will find the iris (black dot) of your eyeball disappears.
To correct this, a little further down, where it says To: you can see that “Z” axis has been selected. Choose the “-Z” button instead.

…viola! The eye should now be working, following the empty whereever you move it.

I remember doing this tutorial ages ago. The hardest thing back then was trying to figure out the X, Y, Z, -X, -Y or -Z when I had no clue. Your is very nearly there. Stick with it. As confusing as these things can be, when you sleep on them, they eventually make lots of sense.

Lancer, with helpful people as you, i cant miss…Sorry, from now" Empty "

I have try severel times, but still no eye moving.

Do you thingk I need to work little bit more with ( Snap on to object )

Later today I will practising more.

thank you.

Well, that’s disappointing isn’t it? :frowning: Worked first time for me, so let’s get it working for you. :eyebrowlift:

Did you also notice that “Empty” is spelt with a capital E?
This is it working

When I did it, there were two steps…

  • Write “Empty” in the box
  • Hit -Z to realign the eyeball.

Then, move the empty around and the eye follows.

Yes, I never giv up. My eyes moving.

I dont know if you like my mouth, sphere and lattice to get the lips moving.
i need to practis how to join the lips to the face… If he smile, there is a big gap.

Thanks for today


CartoonMan.blend (338 KB)

Your eyes are not working properly. There’s a bit of a mess happening.

First of all, you have confused the eyeballs with empties. You have named the eyeballs “Empty.001” and “Empty.003”. (You can see this when you click on each eyeball). Push N-key to bring up the properties dialogue and rename the left and right eyeball to “eyeball.L” and “eyeball.R”.

The real empties are hidden inside your head somewhere. There is a “cyclic dependency” issue here because on one hand you have the eyeball set to “track to” the empty, but on the other hand you have also set the empty to “track to” the eyeball!
Click each empty, and in the constraints panel, hit the little bold X to delete the TrackTo constraint. They don’t need them.
Then bring the empties from out of the head and put them in front of the character where he can see them.

Finally, you need to get the XYZ alignment correct so that it lines up with the empties. This is kind of a trial and error thing because it can depend on what way is “up” when the eyeballs are made. In your case, the eyes work when the To: field is set to -Z, with the Up: field being either X or Y (does not matter which).

Then, your eyes should be working. I’ve attached a modified version of your file to show the what it should then look like. When loading my file, hit “G” and wiggle your mouse around.


CartoonMan_eyefix.blend (99.3 KB)

Very Interesting and important and good teaching…

I realy appreciate your help.

Thank you