Move Fluid Simulation from one blender file to another? Is it possible?

I’d like to import my fluid simulation to another blend file.

It’s a mixed fluid simulation with some animated objects. I want to make small tweaks on objects animation but skip recalculating the fluid simulation.

The only way that might work is export then import as obj sequence (still testing it though).

Any other ideas.

Not much experience in fluid simulations here

You should be able Append the domain and objects into a new project and if you baked to an external location, everything should come through.

If you set the fluid directory to the location of an already existing baked fluid the fluid sim will show the results of that already baked sim


Appending the object works fine. Thank You!


[/B]Creating a new domain and setting the location to the one that contains the simulation didn’t work. Though I’m not sure I did it all correctly.

Anyway I’ll mark it as SOLVED!