Move IPO for 200 objects

Hi all,
I hope this is possible to do.

I have not found a way to select almost 200 objects and move their IPO’s from say frame 1000 to frame 2000.
Do I have to move them all individually?

Thanks to all the moderators who are devoted assets to other less knowledgeable blenderers!


I think it depends on what type of IPO’s you’re talking about, but I could be wrong.
I’ve only tested it with animation type IPOs like loc, rot, etc… Those keys in the IPO
editor are actual keyframes that can be viewed on the timeline of the NLA editor as well.
So, try this.

In one of the window section, change the little toolbar icon to the NLA Editor.
You should be able to see a list of all the objects in your scene along with all of their keyframes along the timeline. In this case, you could select all or some, then grab and move them over 1,000 frames (or however many you want).

I hope this helps.

Actually, I just tried it out again with other IPO. It seems to show keyframs for everything else in the NLA editor as well. So this should hopefully work for what you’re trying to do.

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Yes, I need to move the ‘locRot’ animations for many objects. I could only move one at a time in the ipo editor (the last selected).
Thanks so much. I have never used NLA editor. Hardly knew it existed or even what it is used for.
This will be great. Thanks so much!


NLA can seem intimidating too, but it’s really quite simple once you mess with it.
If you get into animation with Armatures, key all the different motions in the Action Editor
and then you can see them in the NLA Editor (and convert them into clips). It makes it
easy to blend everything and re-arrange along the timeline.

Also let me know if the earlier answer helped or not.